Some of the Workers Who Can’t Retire at American University

Photograph of Christine Hamlett-Williams.
Christine Hamlett-Williams has worked at AU for over 36 years. At age 71, she can’t afford to retire because the pension she was promised by American University was not funded after Marriott took over food services.

Percy Harris, age 76, has worked
at AU for 39 years. He can’t afford to retire.

Currently working as a food server in the Terrace Dining Room, Ms. Leila Williams is now 80. She has prepared or served food to students at AU for over 53 years. She says she can’t afford to retire. The photo is from May 1, 2015. Year after year, the University talks “inclusion” while refusing to even meet with Ms. Williams and her colleagues. Why won’t the University talk to Ms. Williams and other older workers about the broken promises about retirement made to them over 50 years ago?

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